Our Work

At Inuit Qaujisarvingat we produce, collect, analyze, and share Inuit-specific data, information and knowledge for improved research, policy and decision-making.

Our three priority areas ensure the appropriate inclusion of Inuit in all aspects of the research cycle:

  1. Inuit-Specific Research: This priority area includes developing, planning, conducting, and supporting Inuit-specific research projects and activities.
  2. Inuit-Specific Data & Statistics: This priority area includes the collection, verification, analysis, and publication of Inuit-specific data and statistics.
  3. Inuit-Specific Knowledge & Information: This priority area includes the organization, preservation, and sharing of Inuit-specific knowledge and information.

We focus on a variety of different initiatives and opportunities that align with our three priority areas, including the following projects:

Nilliajut - a series that collections Inuit-specific perspectives and voices on important issues

Climate Change Literature Review - a literature and gap analysis that systematically collected and synthesized research from the social, health, and biophysical sciences on the Inuit regions of Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut published between 2000 and 2010.

Naasautit - a tool that organizes Inuit-specific statistics and presents them in ways that are easy to understand and use.

Katiqsugat - a digital library collection of Inuit-specific early childhood education materials that provides access to information about Inuit early childhood development, child rearing and parenting practices and supports knowledge exchange between Inuit communities.

A Principled Approach to Research and Development in Inuit Nunangat Starts with the People - a Letter to the Editor of the journal Arctic

Niqiit - an online eLearning tool that teaches about contaminants in the Arctic