Nilliajut - Inuit Perspectives on Arctic Security

"It is well known that the Arctic is an important global player, and soon the Canadian government will take over as Chair of the Arctic Council. Issues of Arctic sovereignty, security, and militarization have attracted surging interest in the Arctic, creating increasing demands for the best available information. There is a need to understand and include the diverse and unique perspectives of Inuit, as citizens of Canada and stewards of the Arctic."
-Scot Nickels, Director of Inuit Qaujisarvingat

"What does security mean to Inuit? Security doesn’t come from the comfort that some find in icebreakers, sonar detectors and Arctic military capabilities. Security from our societal perspective comes from access to the basic essentials of life – food, shelter and water."

-Udloriak Hanson, Co-Chair of the Arctic Peoples and Security Research Pillar, Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program

Inuit Qaujisarvingat, along with the Walter Duncan Gordon Foundation and the Munk School of Global Affairs, have worked to produce a paper series and also a series of video documentaries which capture the Inuit Perspectives of Arctic Security, Sovereignty, and Patriotism.

Read the full edited compendium, or download a copy of the .pdf.

Along with the paper series, Inuit Qaujisarvingat has worked to produce a documentary called Nilliajut: Inuit Voices on Arctic Security. Watch the 20 minute video here.


Download a copy of the bibliography of resources here.



The conference website has additional information.

Watch the video from the conference:
Day 1, Tuesday January 29, 2013
Day 2, Wednesday January 30, 2013